IBEAR Profiles – Prototype – Richard Chien CTE Tech Corp

CTE Tech Corp. in Taiwan – Richard Chien’s family’s business manufactures

parts for cars and motorcycles. When his family decided to sharpen their

edge against the growing number of Chinese competitors, they sent

Richard to the USC Marshall School of Business for an IBEAR MBA.


Richard claims that he values the professional skills he learned in the IBEAR

program like marketing and researching the extensive databases; however, the

leadership skills he learned impacted him the most. “I always assumed a leader

was born that way,” he said. “But my professor taught that leadership is about

creating an environment that makes people willing to do their best,”


International Business Consulting Project – Once there, Richard and a small team

of students worked on the unique IBEAR consulting project with CTE Tech Corp

as their client. The result: millions of dollars in revenue and access to clients in

new markets.


Richard says while the yearlong MBA program, was intensive, he feels he’s still

absorbing the material. He returns to books, notes, and lectures to solve issues

everyday in his role as manager at CTE Tech Corp. He also feels like the

intensive program brought him and his classmates close together. He states,

“The business connections were great. I have an international family now.”


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