Crossroads – A Deal with the Devil

Operation Crossroads – Bikini Atoll where we dropped atom bombs on coral reefs. Electric violinist Razz travels to Bikini to bring some music to the radioactive landscape. Press release: Of Blues Riffs and Blue Reefs Marine biology and music encounter the legacy of atomic bombs at Bikini Atoll In May of 2016, almost exactly 70 […]

European Utility Week

GG Films looks at the march of change across the world of energy.  This film was produced to introduce the Keynote of European Utility Week.

The Gigamon Vision

The story of how high flying Gigamon enables network visibility.

Discover the Dalai Lama

Discover the Dalai Lama In this powerful one-minute origin film, GG Films re-creates the path of the Dalai Lama as he is forced to escape from Tibet only to be discovered by the rest of the world. It began on March 17th, 1959 as his horse is being readied… GG Films collaborated with Ntropic of […]

Jadoo4 – 30 second intro spot

JadooTV introduces Jadoo4 and GG Films creates the intro commercial.

Health Care Without Harm – Creating Sustainable Hospitals

See how the Health Care Without Harm team is helping the premier hospitals in Boston lower their energy consumption and carbon footprint. The unique data set captured will help build a model for lower energy use by hospitals around the world. In its second project funded by the Barr Foundation, GG Films used its experience […]

Sidney Rittenberg – A unique life

settings International business consultant.  China expert. Translator for Mao. Political Prisoner. A short excerpt from an unique life.  Mr. Rittenberg was interviewed by Dan Griffin of GG Films for the USC School of Business IBEAR MBA program.

Extreme UnShark!

When it’s time for “UnShark Week” we’ve got the place for you!. Sharks are extreme, but there is a lot more in the ocean that’s extreme too. Read Stephan Palumbi’s “The Extreme Life of the Sea”. And if you’re an eBook fan, you’ll get an added bonus of eleven videos from GG Films.  

Third Wave Power – Product Intro

GG Films filmed in 3 countries to show the mPowerpad 2 in action. The goal for the Singapore start up was to create a video that told the story of its light weight, versatile charge anything anywhere product.  GG Films provided media design, video and still photographs to power the launch of this new device.

A Day on the Reef – Ofu, American Samoa – The Palumbi Lab

Stanford University’s, Palumbi Lab fans out across the reef on Ofu in American Samoa.  It’s a dawn to dark search for the world’s strongest corals with quadrats and quadcopters, genes and mapping.