Strange sighting to be investigated by Stanford team on the South Pacific island of Ofu.

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The Boat to Ofu – Ofu Expedition 2013

Ofu calls again.  The fifth trip out to this beautifully isolated island. 2000 miles south of Hawaii and at the moment, only reachable by boat, getting to Ofu takes some serious effort. This time the weather conspired to add yet another obstacle.

Microdocs – Darwin’s Volcano

At the turn of the century, the British Royal Society tested Charles Darwin’s theory of how an atoll formed on the mid-pacific island of Funafuti.  We found the test site, now steps for the porch of the island grade school and look at how this amazing theory was ultimately proved correct.

The Groundswell – Worcester, MA – The move to the Smart Grid

Consumers in Worcester care about clean energy. They care enough to build: solar powered car washes wind-powered schools solar-powered curriculum energy-retrofitted houses …And are ready to spend their own time and creativity to collaborate with utilities.

The Night of the Palolo

Microdocs Journal – Ofu Island, American Samoa The Night of the Palolo by Dan Griffin If you were a palolo worm burrowed deep into a south pacific reef, you’d be waiting for one special night.  A night that we had traveled to see on Ofu, one of the Manu’a Islands of American Samoa, to shoot […]

PowerCentsDC – The Trailer

A preview of the PowerCentsDC project.  

GG Films Slamspot

  GG Films  is an accomplished video production company based in Menlo Park, CA. Let us tell your story! Product introductions & demos, marketing communications, sales tools, customer success stories. Distribution to the web and mobile devices. Primed to help your company reveal its super-power!

Ocean Babies On Acid – The Time Machine

In this experiment, scientists create a time machine in the lab to take the ocean babies to the ocean of the future. What happens to the delicate larvae of ocean creatures when they are exposed to increasing acid levels in the ocean?  Stanford University and Bodega Marine Lab scientists conduct an experiment on how acidity […]

GG Films Demo Video

• Stimulate Ideas • Create Excitement • Inspire Action As entrepreneurs, we understand business. As filmmakers, writers, photographers we create tools that drive business. We collaborate with clients to design and execute compelling videos. Our clients know value when they find it. We invest in top-notch creative talent and editing facilities. On the screen, on […]

The Story of a Home

What is the story of a home? GG Films was asked by the architect to tell the story of high profile / high design lofts built in Palo Alto, CA.  A series of videos helped the buyers see and understand the concepts, materials and design in their new home.  The project sold quickly. An effective […]