European Utility Week

GG Films looks at the march of change across the world of energy.  This film was produced to introduce the Keynote of European Utility Week.

The Gigamon Vision

The story of how high flying Gigamon enables network visibility.

Stanford GSB – The Simulation

Experience the ‘Hands-On” learning of the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Student team compete against each other live as they are given complex business tasks, variable data and a decision deadline.  They face the real world in the world class academic setting.  

Discover the Dalai Lama

Discover the Dalai Lama In this powerful one-minute origin film, GG Films re-creates the path of the Dalai Lama as he is forced to escape from Tibet only to be discovered by the rest of the world. It began on March 17th, 1959 as his horse is being readied… GG Films collaborated with Ntropic of […] UltraMedia – The # asked GG Films to pilot the Word Facts series. And one of the questions we asked is “Where did the # come from?” UltraMedia

GG Films was asked to brings its UltraMedia skills to pilot the use of video on

USC Marshall IBEAR MBA UltraMedia Dashboard

                                                                                                                                       Explore the Dashboard The USC Marshall School of Business asked GG Films to help rebrand their IBEAR MBA program. The IBEAR Dashboard is one result. When you go to the home page, it shows you a Dashboard graphic. This takes you to a suite of 10 different films that let a prospective student or […]

Jadoo4 – 30 second intro spot

JadooTV introduces Jadoo4 and GG Films creates the intro commercial.

Health Care Without Harm – Creating Sustainable Hospitals

See how the Health Care Without Harm team is helping the premier hospitals in Boston lower their energy consumption and carbon footprint. The unique data set captured will help build a model for lower energy use by hospitals around the world. In its second project funded by the Barr Foundation, GG Films used its experience […]

Campaign Video – Nicole David: Swimming

GG Films created an image campaign video for Nicole David’s successful run for public office.