Discover the Dalai Lama

Discover the Dalai Lama In this powerful one-minute origin film, GG Films re-creates the path of the Dalai Lama as he is forced to escape from Tibet only to be discovered by the rest of the world. It began on March 17th, 1959 as his horse is being readied… GG Films collaborated with Ntropic of […]

GG Films Slamspot

  GG Films  is an accomplished video production company based in Menlo Park, CA. Let us tell your story! Product introductions & demos, marketing communications, sales tools, customer success stories. Distribution to the web and mobile devices. Primed to help your company reveal its super-power!

GG Films Demo Video

• Stimulate Ideas • Create Excitement • Inspire Action As entrepreneurs, we understand business. As filmmakers, writers, photographers we create tools that drive business. We collaborate with clients to design and execute compelling videos. Our clients know value when they find it. We invest in top-notch creative talent and editing facilities. On the screen, on […]

Tibet’s Stolen Child

The greatest peacemakers of our time search for the truth about Tibet’s Panchen Lama, a boy whose fate could affect the destiny of a country struggling to avoid the destruction of its spiritual traditions. A young boy, the Panchen Lama, is the center of a swirling storm of international controversy. Identified by the Dalai Lama […]

In The Moment

In The Moment was created for The Missing Peace. This traveling museum exhibition is a place where “88 Artists Consider the Dalai Lama.” This film looks at the space between. In over 10 years of filming His Holiness, many times I witnessed a particular moment.  I came to recognize it as a space between the […]

The International Campaign for Tibet – 20 Years

This film celebrates the 20th anniversary of the International Campaign for Tibet promoting human rights & democratic freedoms for the people of Tibet. GG Films has collaborated with ICT for many years. This work includes creating PSAs, human rights campaigns, full length documentaries and more. This film was created and first played for the gala […]

The World Isn’t Listening

A graphic 4-minute music video; this powerful film viscerally illustrates the Tibet/China conflict. Produced & Directed by Robin Garthwait and Dan Griffin Music by Ken Stringfellow More films on Tibet In The Moment The International Campaign for Tibet His Holiness the Dalai Lama Receives the U.S. Congressional Gold Medal Award Tibet’s Stolen Child Why Are […]

His Holiness the Dalai Lama Receives the U.S. Congressional Gold Medal Award

In Washington D.C. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is honored by the United States of America. Produced & Directed by Robin Garthwait and Dan Griffin Still Photography by Sonam Zoksang This is a 8-minute version. Please check back later for a Tibet-translated short version plus the full length film. More Films on Tibet In The […]

Antarctic Minke Whales

In this piece Steve explains a new study disputing post-whaling population for Antarctic Minke Whales. An ongoing debate in the management of Antarctic minke whales concerns whether they are more abundant now than a century ago. Using genetic analysis, scientists project the number of whales that swam in the waters of Antarctica and are testing […]

Flirty Films™

Flirty Films™ is all about love, dating & relationships. Short videos target the fun (and serious side) of making connections. Real people divulge the truth about what works and what doesn’t. Does love begin with a laugh, a sexy blonde, a bikini or just a look? People reveal their favorite Pick-ups, Hook-ups and Turn-ons. You […]